Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good night Taylor

I remember when you were little, our saying to each other, between Amanda, You, and Myself, was "Love ya to the moon and back!"

I want you to know son, that even though you may never get to read this blog, that even though you are not a little man now, but a young man, I still love you to the moon and back. Nothing will ever, ever change that son!

When dad and I had to leave to Iowa for that five day trip to move all of our belongings, when you were a little boy, you got really scared, as we had never been away from each other for so long. I sat you on my lap and I told you that we would be sleeping under the same moon and the same stars, so that means our hearts would never be far from each other. Now, I am having to take comfort in those words myself. The words don't sound so convincing to me... I hope that they did for you son. I don't get to say my good nights to you anymore. I miss that son. I miss you. I count the days.... always counting the days to see you again. My heart misses you sO very much.

Today was Father's Day. Tomorrow is sis's birthday. The celebrations aren't nearly as fulfilling without you here to enjoy them with us. But, we keep going.

We miss you son.... and we love you, to the moon and back buddy.... to the moon and back!

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