Monday, June 16, 2008

Demarle Baking Product Drawing When Donating!

June 16th, 2008 through to July 15th 2008 Demarle helps bake a wish!!!

I am not sure if you are familiar with Demarle at Home, but if you are a baker, or a cook, this is something that will benefit your cooking. You will be hooked! You can go to the Demarle site to get more info on their products. I sell these products in my off time, although I have not done a show in months and months due to the issues at hand with Taylor. These products are used by professional chefs and they are made in France. You do not need to use any oils or sprays to help the product not stick to the pans. My daughter has been coming over lately and begging to use some of my personal items at hand to cook with as she is doing bakes sales from time to time at her job. This is technology and you will be one happy cook when you get these in your hot little hands.

I have a little bit of stock on hand, and I am giving this to my daughter to have a drawing at work. These are new, and have never even been used, or taken out of the box until now.

You can donate $5.00 to her fund, and you will get 5 tickets for the drawing. $1. per ticket
You can donate $10.00 to her fund and you will get 15 tickets for the drawing. 67 cents per ticket
You can donate $20.00 to her fund and you will get 40 tickets for the drawing. 50 cents per ticket
You can donate $30.00 to her fund and you will get 90 tickets for the drawing. 33 cents per ticket.
You can donate $40.00 to her fund and you will get 160 tickets for the drawing .25 cents per ticket.

The items that are going to be given as a gift for the donation winner are as follows: I will link them to the demarle page for you!

Flower Mold

Fluted Square Mold
Fluted Bundt Mold

These each are valued at $33.95, which would bring the value to $101.85, and the shipping is included in your donation for the drawing.

Happy Bidding! Good Luck! If you save this for yourself, you will love them. If you save them for gifts for the bakers and chefs in your life, they will love YOU!

Once your donation was made, either through the mail, paypal, in person or by credit card, she will email you, or give to you in person, your ticket numbers.

You can look for the donation key on the left of the page if that is the way you want to do it.

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