Monday, June 16, 2008

People with Autism have people who love them...

I sit and see people at times stare at my son when he doesn't behave the way that most kids his age might. The look of confusion on their faces makes in hard not to notice. These are adults. They should know better. Yet, they don't! That is just so disheartening at times.

I want everyone to know, that even though these kids might seem odd or out of place, they have family that love them, just as you do, or your kids. I want you to know, that by no means is it their choice to have this disability. Whoever would want that? Surely not anyone that I know.

He has two parents that love him, and two sisters that love him and are crazy about him.
My son is lucky... he has 4 grandparents that love him....
He has seven aunts that love him.
He has seven uncles that love him.
He has eleven cousins that love him, soon to be twelve...
He has people that weren't born into our family, but have just become a part of our family.... Kevin, Bernie, Ryan, Dani, Auntie Terrie.

Just know, that these aren't bad kids, or weird kids, or kids with nothing going for them. They are kids with disabilities.

They love
Sometimes they laugh
They feel
Sometimes they cry
They want to be "normal" if they are aware that they are not like the other kids.

The hardest thing to hear as a mother with a son with a disability is, when he tells me he wants to be normal like all the other kids. You don't know how much that breaks my heart.

Next time you think someone is odd, or seems out of place, give them a smile and say hi. You don't know how much it will mean to them.

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Didi said...

That last sentence was a powerful one. It is so good to remember this..even when we come into contact with people with more 'visible' disabilities. People are people first and foremost.