Monday, June 16, 2008

Sometimes Autism Is Silent

There are times that Tay just sits and thinks. He is silent. You don't know what is on his mind. He is not happy, he is not sad, he is just there. This picture from Saturday reminds me of that. Again, my son, a piece of me, a part of my soul.

My son, Taylor


Oh Scrap!! said...

My son Nolan has Asperger's Syndrome and one place that helped us a lot is
their program is amazing and i learned to live and acept autism,know how to help him and how to grow together, best of luck, hugs, Rosa.

Didi said...

What a beautiful photo! Colin sometimes has moments like this as well. I often rush in to 'help him' or 'bring him out' when he is like this and now that he is learning better communication and understanding he has let me know that he is OK..sometimes he just needs to think and 'be'.