Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Taylor has a HUGE heart!!!

Today, as I woke up at 3A, I had a couple of things that kept coming to mind when thinking of Taylor. First and more important of the two subjects is Taylor's good heart. The second, is his love for one restaurant chain, beyond words.

There were issues from the beginning. Taylor had to take speech for a very long time when he was in first grade on until about 6th or 7th grade. He really liked his speech teacher in the first grade. Her name now, I wish it were at the tip of my tongue, and I am sure it is, but the meds they have me on for my gall bladder attacks is preventing me of thinking of it. ANYHOW, I will update that at a later time. Taylor would earn points in her class during the year. This is something that I did not know. When they reached different levels, they could then redeem the points for prizes. Some were little toys, balls, jacks, things of that nature. There was also candy. I am sure I haven't told you how much Taylor loves candy. Anyhow... Taylor never brought home and prizes, so how was I to know that there was such a program?

On the day that school was out that year, I went to school to pick up the kids. Amanda, was ALWAYS the social butterfly so she was off socializing somewhere. Taylor took me by the hand and was in such a rush, he HAD to show me something! He led me to his speech room, and there sat his teacher with a little squirrel in front of her on the desk. It was very small, made of some sort of hard material. The figurine was wearing overalls and a cap. It wasn't the cutest of things, yet another knick knack were my thoughts. Never in my wildest dreams did I know that this squirrel was about to be bestowed upon me; MOM, the light of his life at the time. Taylor told me.... MOM, THIS IS FOR YOU!!! I EARNED IT!!! He went off and was playing in the sand box a short time later, and with shaving foam, all to help with his sensory disorders. Once he presented it to me, I was out of the picture. The teacher explained to me that Taylor had saved up all his points all year to trade them into something really cool for his mom. She said all the other kids would cash out when it would get to the candy winning portion, yet Taylor stayed diligent and wanted to get something for his mom! WHAT, ME????? Why would he do that? Why would he not get something fun for himself? She was a bit teary and said what a nice young man he was and how much she enjoyed him. All I can remember saying, after my thank yous, is *Me Too!* With that, Taylor and I went out in search of Sis. We found her and we proceeded to daycare, as I had to get to work. I keep that little squirrel on my desk, along with many other knick knacks that my kids have done that touch my heart in one way or another, so I can bask in their love even when we are not near each other. During hard times, I can look at my squirrel and think of what a wonderful young man I have with such a caring and loving heart. He is my guy, and I will always be his grateful mom!!!!

Now, as for this restaurant of his that he is addicted to, that would be the restaurant that sit beneath the golden arches! Taylor has been and always will be the biggest fan of McDonald's!!!! We will be having people in town, and we as a family try to plan a dinner out with guests, and the answer will never change with Taylor!!! McDonald's!!!!!! When I ask what should we do for a specific holiday (trying to get menu ideas) he suggests that we all just go to McDonalds, telling me it would be so much easier. At times it drives me crazy. When we drive past Mickey D's, he wants me to stop. Well, we live right down the street from a McDonald's so I often pass there, and get really sad, as Taylor is not with me, asking me to stop. No, I forgot, he is in the hospital, and about to go into an assisted living... that is right, he isn't supposed to be next to me asking me to stop! ***** R U KIDDING ME????***** HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE NEXT TO ME ASKING ME TO STOP! That is the way it is supposed to be. This is not how the story was supposed to go. I have to be strong! I have to do everything in my power to get him the help he needs.... but you know what..... IT REALLY STINKS!!!! It really makes me mad, and sad and frustrated and did I mention mad? It makes me miss him even more.

When we go to the hospital to visit our son, he gets to eat whatever we bring in. This last time we brought in Subway for him. He was not nearly as excited as when we brought him in McDonald's the time before. What did we bring him? A double quarter pounder with cheese, a large fry but no drink, as no caffeine, but we also took him in a yogurt parfait and an apple pie. He was in heaven. You know, he was trying to share his food with us. We kept telling him it was for him and we can eat it anytime we want, yet, he was insisting on sharing. We kept saying no. (We were also going out to lunch at Spaghetti Factory for Mother's Day, but we didn't want him to know as he would have had a melt down if he would have found out it was Mother's Day.... we don't want him feeling guilty or left out of the family on holidays, so it was our secret!) He finally put the food away (what he had left) as it didn't feel natural to not share.

So.... let there be McDonald's!!! Long live the golden arches, and cheers to them from Taylor!

Autism/ or Aspergers Syndrome tip of the day:

Eye contact is very difficult for someone with aspergers syndrome. Often times people do not realize this fact and think of the person with the disability as being rude or stand off-ish. In reality, it is not natural for them to look at people in the eye. It is uncomfortable for them. It is not that they are shy, or shameful, it is just the way that they were made. Now, with that in mind, and me not knowing my son had this disorder, in all my wisdom (NOT)... I forced my son to look at people in the eye! I made him make eye contact, and offer a hand to shake, and thank people for their time. That is what good kids do... right? That is what good moms and parents do, teaching their kids respect.... right? Who knows if I did more damage to my son that good? I am not sure.... but, I hope it didn't damage him too much.

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Didi said...

What a WONDERFUL story! It truly is amazing how giving our kids can be isn't it? You must be an amazing mom to convey that gift to your son.

I'm also glad that you are able to visit Taylor and bring him his favorite foods. We live an ocean away from our Jeffrey and get to see him twice a year.