Thursday, June 12, 2008

There are some people that I want to thank in helping our son....

We were recently transitioned out of Keizer health (Our HMO) for Taylor's disabilities, and counseling. We met with a Dr. Julie and Dr. Rick Bingham. They really didn't get a lot of chances to help or counsel Taylor since when we would go in every two weeks to a month, we would be in crisis. They were more like having to pick up the pieces rather than coaching him into skills. However, they were able to get us in touch with Marion County, and a program called New Solutions. From there things have gone so much easier.

Our first interaction with a Mr. Alvarez. He did the in-take questions on Taylor to get us into the right area. Within a week or so we were contacted by a woman named Sue, and she was amazing. For a mom, running on empty since fall, but continuing to run for the safety and well being of my child, she was exactly what I needed. She was a take charge, this is the steps we need to take kind of gal. It was like she was my manual and I had something to go by. She gave me suggestions to help Taylor with this program or that. She also got me in touch with Tami, who works for Marion county and she is like and advocate for our kids with Asperger's. Although doctors may know the research on Aspergers, they, to be honest, are sometimes very far from being experts when you are the person living with Asperger's and autism. Tami also has a son with Asperger's so that makes it very helpful for us that she knows exactly what we are going through. The funny thing is, for over two years of people knowing that Taylor has Asperger's, Dr. Julie Bingham is the first to tell us about this program. I am getting off track now. Going back to Sue.... she has a very business like approach and appearance, and the first thing that ran through my head was .... Holy Hatties... here we go again, someone that is going to listen and only get half of my story, and this is my son's future. I was so pleasantly surprised. She was so kind and for once in my life, I felt like she listened, and she really *GOT IT*! A new person is now being put on our case, and her name is Daniel. She is very kind and very sweet. She calls to check up on how Taylor is doing. Each of the women at New Solutions seems genuinely interested in Taylor's well being, but go beyond that as they know it affects the whole family. They ask about how we as a family are doing and it is so touching.

At the hospital, his counselor Jessie has become Taylor's voice to us. She is a kind lady and I think that Taylor has connected well with her. They work more one on one with their counselors and staff and only see the doctor for med changes. With this in mind, there are quite a few staff members at the Parry House that Taylor has connected with. Felicia is one of them, and Megan is another. I know that there is the name Nate, but I don't get to hear all of the names of the counselors, as there are so many. I just am grateful for the attention and care you are giving my son while he is away from our home.

I can not leave out a lady named Kim at DD services. She has worked rapidly when getting paperwork on our son since he is rapidly approaching 18. I appreciate the attention and care that you have given our case.

Raymond Tuttle is yet another person that has helped get Taylor on some paths that he would not have been on. It was playing phone tag for a bit since he is such a busy man, but we appreciate him knowing it went beyond Taylor's control at times.

I know that through Taylor's life we will have many more to thank, and the list will grow. For now, I want those people recognized.

Also, Taylor's Kindergarten teacher Ms. Aspas always showed so much attention and love for Taylor. He still mentions her.... as well as Mr. Nimo who helped him in Albany.

Asperger's Tip of the Day: People that have Asperger's often are considered heartless at times. They don't have too much sympathy or empathy in situations. It isn't that they are trying this. Their brains just don't understand emotions too much, so if for instance he would run away and we would be up all night worrying about him, he couldn't understand what the big deal was. He was going to come back, so why be so upset? They don't understand it. Every so often we can see him trying to relate to something. Our neighbors dog was lost, and he got frantic, as he really loves his dog, and he really seemed to understand their emotion, but that is far and few between!

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