Sunday, June 15, 2008

Today is Father's Day!!! Wishing our Taylor was here!

Today is Father's Day. Holidays are bittersweet. Hoping in the future, Taylor will be in a good enough place personally that he will be able to get out of holidays, but for now, that is not something that is allowed.

We are getting ready to go to brunch at Marie Calendars. I really don't want to go. I really want to just stay at home and to be honest, I would really like to stay in bed and just stay there with no obligations at all. But, I won't. I will get up, and be a mommy to Carlie and Amanda to the best of my ability, and a wife to Gordon also to the best of my ability.

We are so lucky that we were able to see Taylor yesterday. We did not tell him it was Father's Day today, as it is so hard for him to know when he misses out on things. Amanda's birthday is also tomorrow, and it would be harder for him knowing he was missing out on two things, not just one. I know Amanda is going to take it hard.

For now, we get up and we get ready to go. We send our morning prayers for Taylor to feel blessed today and surrounded by Jesus Christ's love, and know that he is a Child of God through all of this confusion.

Happy Father's Day to all and thanks for your support.

Happy Father's Day to my dad and my father in law Eddie....

Most of all Happy Father's Day to my husband is who is the best dad to his kids. Thanks for loving them with all your heart and always wanting to be there for them, and wanting what is best for them.

Autism tip of a the day. You can't joke around as much with kids, often times with Autism/Asperger's syndrome. They will take you quite literally many times. If you say, I am so mad, I could just spit, and things of such, they take it in the wrong way. You know how people will get angry or joke in teen years and say, I can't believe that you told him I like him, I will kill you (not good verbage), however, Taylor would avoid that person for sure as he would be afraid of harm or violence.

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