Monday, June 23, 2008

Who Loves Ya Baby?

Here is your Salem Family that loves you Taylor. We are all sending you our love.

Out of the mouth of babes,and nursing infants You have ordained STRENGTH, Psalm 8:2
Just reading this out of Auntie Terri's book she gave us. It made me think of you... stay strong you have strength, and when you feel weak, God is with you, and your parents and family are here to help you pick up the pieces.

Taylor, yesterday was Auntie Terri's going away party. It was a very sad day in my world. I was sitting there cooking food, (and you know Mama likes to cook to entertain) and I just kept thinking how sad I was that I won't get to see Auntie Terri too much anymore. It made me get stressed out a bit, so I kept cooking. I then just started to have short bouts of sobs that would just escape from me, without even really knowing it until I could hear the sound. Dad came down and asked what was wrong, but no words would come out, just more tears. I was so sad, as I knew I would be seeing Auntie Terrie, Uncle Bernie and Uncle Ryan. I knew Spence and sis were coming over, and there was one person missing from our Salem Family, and that was you. That is really hard for me.

I am glad you were able to talk to everyone on the phone while they were here. Auntie Terrie and Carlie had made some really cute little figures and painted them. They put a face in each to represent our family. It was such a kind gift and very thoughtful. She also gave us some photos and some of them are of you from her two visits to see you. She also gave our family this book called Blessed Beginnings. It talks about how every child is a gift and from God. It was so heart touching. I knew that but it is so enlightening to read the words again so they can really touch my heart.

Uncle Bernie and Uncle Ryan were the life of the party. They were teasing Aki. I think you would remember him from their apartment when they helped them move. He is a nice young man, but not from Willamette. They were poking fun of him, and he was laughing. A few stories came up about you and sis when you were staying there with them when we had Carlie, and Uncle Ryan crawled onto the dryer to scare you kids. We all laughed as you loved it so much.

Uncle Bernie wrote today and said how good it was to talk to you on the phone yesterday. We gave them the cow from the Parry House like you wanted us to. We gave Auntie Terrie one also like you said. I however, didn't get the chance to write to her for you like you asked. You were so vague.... when you say write everything nice that you can for me because she is so nice, I sit and start and get all teary and have to stop. So, I promise, before she leaves on Saturday, I will totally sit and write her everything nice for you.

Son I love you, and I hope that there will be a day, we can sit and read this blog together and I hope that there is a day you will understand the depths of our love. Dad said that you sounded really good on the phone yesterday and you were even kidding around and joking. That is so good. I want your heart to be happy and content son. If you never understand the depths of our love, the the way we view love, that is okay, for I love you, just the way you were made son.

Forever your mom~ I love you to the moon and back...

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