Saturday, July 5, 2008

Good Bye Buddy... it was a good time!

A picture of You, Carlie and Dad as you were getting ready to go back to the Parry House.

The dreaded wave that is an indication that I won't see you until next week! Bye Buddy. I L Y!
Be Strong!

Tay, I am sorry I cried when you left today. It wasn't supposed to happen like that. I hope I did not hurt your feelings. It just makes me sad that I have to wait a week to see you again. I had such a good time with you. This has been the first time you have called me mama in such a long time. I feel like there are some parts of my son I am beginning to recognize from time to time. I will try to become stronger so I don't cry when you have to leave.

I love you buddy. I have some things to go read and I need to lay down due to my migraine. I hope you have the best day. See you soon. It was fun to see you visiting all the neighbors too.

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Didi said...

Those goodbyes are the worst aren't they? When we leave Jeffrey at the airport we stand and watch him go until we can't possibly see him down the hall any more. I can't wait til Christmas to see him again.