Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Labels and how they can make us feel.

There are labels that are put on us each and every day. Sometimes those labels might be labels that we put on ourselves, and sometimes those are labels that others put on us or how they make us feel. I was just sitting and doing some self reflections, and I realized some of my labels. Mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, baker, cook, scrapbooker, giving..... then I started thinking of labels that are on me due to life circumstances or labels that I have put on myself due to things in life. Fat, unattractive, protective, failure (due to not being able to meet my son's needs) opinionated. Need I go on. Some of these are from my past, some because of how I feel about myself when I am stressed.....

Then I start to think about the labels that my son must put on himself. I can't imagine not having any self confidence at all due to being ridiculed each and every day, or being laughed at or pointed at or stared at.... even physically harmed at school with people throwing things at him, or hitting him. (Going to the vice principal didn't help... Asperger's kids are labeled trouble. Even though there were witnesses that saw people do this to our son, it wasn't the kids who bullied fault, as they said Taylor was the aggressor. Vice principal didn't interview anyone else or even speak to us about what WE PERSONALLY SAW HAPPEN to our son). If people think for one minute that the schools understand disabilities, at our son's school, they are sadly mistaken. However, my point to my feelings that I am not getting out very well is this. I want my son to see the great labels he has.... I want him to see all the good he has. It saddens me that he must feel so alone in this.

My son's labels, Son, Brother, Grandson, Nephew, Funny, Silly, Comical, Genuine, Caring, Big Hearted, Generous, Talented, Smart, Handsome and Skillful.

Please don't label disabled people negatively, as I am sure they do that enough on their own.

To the moon and back buddy, to the moon and back.... forever your mom.

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