Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tonight Potluck for my FIRST support group meeting

Just when I need it most. I am going to my first meeting tonight for Autism support groups. It has been a group that has been in place for several years I am told, but I just found out about them recently. What is so exciting about it is that there is an autistic specialist that is volunteering his time to the support group for 12 months. This is month two I think. The woman raves about him and I am just so excited to learn more. I just want to keep on learning more. The more I know the more I can not only help my son, but other's in the same area. I just feel thirsty for the knowledge of this disability. I want to continue this journey. Amanda is going with me, so that she can personally talk to the doctor about his thoughts on her getting on track to help special needs people. She doesn't want to be a doctor. But he might have some great volunteer projects that she could help out with or get her on the right path.

It is a potluck. I have been so busy with Taylor's room and trying to focus on getting better that I had forgotten until just now that I need to bring something for the potluck. So, that means I need to go to the store to get something to make. Not sure yet, but I have my feelers out.

Autism tip of the day: autism is not caused by drinking or smoking. Those things might cause asthma or fetal alcohol syndrome, but not autism. I know in my mind, when I first found out, I thought long and hard and I blamed myself for his disability. I do know that part of this can be in his genes. His biological father was diagnosed hyper growing up, had a hard time in school, etc. His moods would also change at a drop of a hat, and I see that in Taylor. However, I do not think that his biological father had asperger's, but did have the ADHD component that Taylor also has. Bottom line, you can't beat yourself up over this. This is nothing that you did, or that I did. This is just how our babies were made. It is hard not to blame ourselves, but try not to.

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