Friday, July 11, 2008

2nd post for the day, please read the following post below this

I just wanted to take a few quick moments to touch base with you. Please continue reading the blog for the day below. I am not sure if each of you have noticed, but we have also been adding music to our blog posts for the day. Some songs might be fun, but most have some sort of meaning to us.

I just wanted to thank each of you that keep coming back here. I want to thank you for the kind letters and words of confidence, praise and understanding. We try to teach our kids that their job here on earth is to be kind to others. That is just a given.

The other night my husband came home and told me that he had heard from one of our friends up the street, and also a colleague at his work. He hadn't known about Taylor until recently. It is not something that we just bring up and talk about to everyone. We really don't see this person all too often either, and if my husband did it might have been in a very public setting that he definitely would not bring up. He was so kind and said he would love to go see Taylor if that was okay with us, and things of that nature. Things like that just melt my heart. Part of it is for the pure kindness of someone, and the other being that people see the love we have for our son and when they know him, they really think he is a good kid. Which he is!

I get emails from past students that really aren't students, but a piece of our family. Even though they have been gone for over a year or more, they continue to keep in touch with us and check Tay's blog to see how he is. It touches me beyond what words can say.

I get email from people that don't know us, but want to be supportive. There are days I just don't want to pull myself out of bed, knowing my son isn't at home with us, but I do for the sake of saying I did and to keep Carlie in a happier atmosphere. Sometimes the words of others are what keeps us pressing forward.

Thanks each of you. Again, if you know people that can benefit from our blog, that might have autism, or parent an autistic child, please pass our blog along.

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Didi said...

And thank YOU for doing your helps me to see that I am not the only one out there who has a less than normal living arrangement. When I miss Jeffrey I can read this and know that you miss your Taylor too...and you are keeping on and so can I!