Friday, July 11, 2008

Great quote for the day.

This is something that Amanda made Taylor on one of our visits. Her famous piece sign . I love it as it reminds me we need to have peaceful hearts.

This is Carlie chasing Taylor riding his riptide at the Parry Center. She loves to chase him. Usually she is riding her scooter chasing him.

I was just checking out a blog browsing, and I saw this fantastic quote that stopped me in my tracks. The blogspot was by Sharla whom I don't even know. I was just browsing as I said.

The quote is: Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death.

I sit and I ponder this for a moment (or many moments) and see how this can apply to my own life, to our family dimension and to our son's autism. In reality it can be applied to anything in life, including our dreams. Feed our faith. Sharla, I needed that today! I am glad I came across your blog!

Today, I know my son is being carried in the hand of Christ. I know that he is going to be okay. No, I know he is going to be better than okay. He is going to be Fantastic. He is going to shine and be an outstanding citizen in our community. He is going to love and be loved by many (as he already is). He is going to learn the strengths he needs to succeed, he is going to learn the patience of Job, and he is going to learn how to take care of himself if he ever wants to move out on his own. He is going to be okay. We, will be there backing him up the whole way. Always, forever, unconditional love.

Our family will be stronger and more united through the struggles and confusion we go through with learning how to best help our son and his disability. We are going to always be united and always share our love with family and friends, not only when it comes to autism, but about diversity. We will overcome any obstacle, even when it takes the breath and/or life out of our sales for a moment.

Tay is coming home tonight, and once again, it will feel good to have my son sleep in his own bed and wake up knowing he will be bouncing down the stairs at any moment. I am excited to sit and visit with him and see how he is doing. One thing that I notice about myself lately is I like to just sit and watch him with his sisters, Spencer and his dad. I try to capture those moments in mind to help me hang on until our next face to face visit.

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Didi said...

Love that photo of him on his board. I wish that Jeffrey could ride his skateboard where he is. They don't allow it because a few years ago someone got hurt and it was a big legal thing. He is constantly trying to change that rule because skating is HUGE in his life.