Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good Morning Son

I am back to work now and I so miss getting up and blogging to you. My days are filled with work and activity until it is time to go to bed, as you can well imagine. I miss the time to just sit and jot my thoughts to you. HOWEVER, it doesn't mean that you are not on my mind. I miss you so much.

I can't wait to go to the Hawaiian Festival with you this weekend. I think that I washed your Luau shirt for you on Sunday, but I will double check. I know it is one of your favorites.

I sure wish you were here to sell jerky with me. We have tons to sell. I went and picked up another van full last night. I appreciate you going house to house the other day wanting to help someone else in need. That is so SWEET of you!

I have so much to sell. I am going to see if there are any events coming up in the area soon where I can sell some there. That would be fun!

Okay son, for now, I need to finish getting ready for work. Just know you are never far from my thoughts and you are ALWAYS in my heart.

OH... I just came up with a new recipe a couple of nights ago. I am going to try to submit it in for a contest and the winner gets a trip to NEW YORK NY for two. It would be fun for me to go there with dad or you or sis. I doubt I will win, but it is sure fun to daydream about. Then we could get some of those nut chews on the corner like dad brought home.

To the moon and back buddy~ Mom

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