Thursday, July 24, 2008

A thankful heart to many, and an admiration to our friend Alex

There are days that your heart just feels so overfilled with joy and comfort, knowing that someone loves your family. There are days that you are especially grateful for the people that surround your family and especially your children with good vibes and set examples of kindness.

A week or so ago I wrote about one of the students that my husband worked with at a college, that became a part of our family. Alex! Our friend that thought outside the box. Our friend that could take an old percolator coffee pot and turn it into a piece of artwork. Our friend that spoke his mind but was respectful in doing so.

It is really important to me to know that there are people that God leads to our hearts. At first we may not know at the time, how, or why they are in our life, and what we are going to teach us. What are we going to take from them? How are we going to build that relationship? You just never know.... but I do believe each has a purpose in one way or another.

So, Alex was a young man that taught me today with words he wrote on this letter he sent me through the mail. I am simply amazed. Without going into his person life in depth, he was searching for answers in his life, to know which direction or road he wanted to follow in life. He traveled and did some amazing soul searching and he knew he wanted his passion and to be with someone he loved, so he relocated his life, and is about to do that again in a short amount of time.

He wrote this letter of support and encouragement on our family situation with our son's autism and how we support each other. My eyes just welled with tears as I just felt his arms around us, even though he is so far from us. His words made us miss him even more.

He then sent a check and said that this was to cover a day at Disneyland for Taylor. I can't tell you how much I (we) were touched by this. I immediately called my daughter to tell her. I woke her up from a nap, but she was also so touched. She is one of his biggest fans anyway, this just really touched her heart since she is busting her rear to get this trip for Taylor. What a kind and generous man he is.

Did God place Alex in our life to hand us a check to get our son into Disney for a day? Certainly not! However, He placed Alex in our life to be a part of our family. It does not matter the distance that separates us, he is one of our forever friends. He is the big brother that Taylor deserves. He has a fantastic older sister and younger sister, but not a big brother. That is what Alex is... caring, concerned and supporting. That is what family is.

Today, although I always know I am blessed, I am so very blessed to know that God has plans for us. I know that Alex is in our life for a purpose, and visa versa. I know God will continue to put positive people in our lives.

Alex, when you read this, if you read this, I am so thankful for you. I am so touched by not only your generosity but your thoughtfulness. We are looking to meet up with you on Sunday when you get in, perhaps we can take you and your girlfriend out, or meet you one night when Amanda and Spencer are in town also. I am sorry you have to work and can't join us a day, but would love to just catch up with you.


Casdok said...

How wonderful to have Alex in your family. I wish him much happiness for his relocation. And i can understand why you miss him as there arnt many people like Alex around.
Have a great time on Sunday.

Didi said...

Another Angel!!! You must be so excited and filled with joy!!!

Alex said...

I finally did read it. Hey, I love you guys, even though I haven't seen any of you since that party for Amanda in the park. Your family has always been warm and open to me and never judge me, except that one time Gordy gave me a talkin' to when I skipped out half way through one of my shifts for START because my band was playing a show in Portland, even though I had someone cover for me:)

Anyways, your family is going through so much, I'm sure any little bit helps, even a kind word. It'll be great to see you guys down here in October.

And to these other blog commenters above, thanks!