Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hope you had a fun weekend Taylor!

No music today, as playlist is down for some reason!!! Bummer!

We had Taylor over the weekend but our time went by entirely too fast!!! It bums me out. But, none the less we did have a great time with him.

On Friday when he got home, he decided he needed to wash the van with his little sister while Gordy got some things done with our trailer. We were set to go on a family reunion with my family, but my mom called on Thursday to say she had to cancel it. Big bummer in our eyes as we were looking forward to seeing each other.

We then ran down and grabbed some pizza and headed to Amanda and Spence's to help get some tags done for Kathleen and Garrett's wedding that is this Thursday. We were busy working. Tay had to take his meds before we left so, as hard as he tried, he was out in about a half hour after getting there. We didn't get home until after midnight from getting her tags completed.

On Saturday we had to run to DMV to get his State ID card. I was totally upset with the way they treated him. He had to sign his name on the machine. Well, due to his autism, his fine motor skills aren't the best. The line was small and they asked him to sign his full name. It really got him nervous and you could clearly see that on his face. He kept trying but he was not able to get it all in on that line. As hard as he tried. The lady said, come on now, this shouldn't take this long. He started to get really agitated. She then told him to write his first and middle name on the line but his last name underneath. He kept trying. His meds make his hands shake, so each time his knuckle would hit the screen it would erase his signature. The lady made another smart ass comment and you could just see defeat across his face. I kept telling him that he could come back later, let's go to the store and come back (we needed the ID card to take back to his unit) and he got really upset and disappointed in himself. I finally looked at the lady and told her to cool it, by lipping it to her. I then slipped a note to her that he was autistic and that she should be a bit more professional. Why should I have to do things like that? It is so sad!

We then went into Vancouver WA to enjoy a Hawaiian Festival. It is our second year to attend. It is a great event and I recommend it to everyone. The lady that runs it is a very nice lady. She has two sons that usually sing at it. They are very talented. Their name is Brothers Kaloku and Keawe. However, one of the brothers just got a new job and was not able to be there. I was so looking forward to Kaloku and his friends to perform but Taylor got too anxious being there. I tried to prolong our departure as long as I could, but he just couldn't make it long enough. You can view them on myspace at Their mom also has a myspace at

These are good people, check them out for sure!!!! I think that the gentlemen actually sell CD's if I recall as I want to buy one also!!!

There is also a FANTASTIC LADY who runs a shave ice stand. That is how we have gotten interested in these events, and the talented sons, and hula classes, is through the lady that runs the shaved ice stand. Ululani's shave ice! THE BEST! However, I really think that some of the goodness of the shaved ice is the kindness that she shows others.

So, all in all a great weekend. Anytime you are surrounded by the aloha spirit, how could you go wrong? Whenever we have our son with him, if even for a short time, what a great thing. Keep us in prayer.


Casdok said...

Lovely to hear you all had a great weekend. Pit about the lady doing the ID cards. Some people just dont think do they.

There is an award for you over on my blog! :)

Didi said...

Colin has issues with handwriting too. He is so glad that now that he is in high school that he can type most things on the computer. I'm glad you had fun at the festival...makes up for the ugly people. ((hugs))