Monday, July 28, 2008

Let me help at least one person in this life....

Today I had a great talk with one of my co-workers and friend, at work. We actually had a lot of conversations today, but, one in particular came up. She had a lot of questions of autism. I answered them to the best of my ability, which wasn't too hard, as her questions seemed like she was asking about my son Taylor. She knows someone that might possibly have autism, so she was curious.

What the neat thing about this was, she has two kids of her own. She is a good mommy to her kids, so, her being so concerned shows that she also is not a selfish person but is wanting to help someone else.

I will always work with my son, and love my son and strive for the best for my son. Nothing will change that now, or ever. However, it would be so nice to touch the life of someone that could use help in this area as it is a wonderful thing to pass on. I wish someone would have known about and helped answer my questions through autism. If Taylor's life can help make one person's somewhat better, what a blessing for both of us.

The person that I spoke to just kicks butt at her job and nobody can touch her there... so she is someone that I usually don't sit with as I could use her words to a t and still never get 'er done! LOL! So for me to sit with her and have such good conversation on some touchy subjects, I think God put her in my life today.

Tay, I miss you today son. I miss you a lot. I just tried to call you but it seems like you are having a really hard night. I am sorry. I wish I could help you and make it better. I wish I could be there and try to listen to you. I wish I could just hug you.

To the moon and back buddy, I love you to the moon and back.


Casdok said...

So sorry to hear that Tay had a hard night. I hope you manage to speak to him soon.

I echo your sentiments, helping just one person understand a little more is worth so much.

Didi said...

It is always a golden day when we can connect with someone who has walked a similar path to our own. We help each other along the way don't we?