Monday, July 21, 2008

We go together!

We had a great weekend with you Tay! I am glad you were able to spend time with Amanda and Spencer also. I hope you are keeping the new shoes she bought for you extra clean, as I know how important that was for you.

I had fun at the yard sales with you. You were as patient as you could be even though you were hot and tired. I hope you loved the treasures you found at the sales. I know that they bull fighter with the bull on the black velvet was your absolute favorite. It makes me smile to think of how proud you were of your painting. It was very cute.

I think that your favorite thing was most likely going to Wonderland with your dad right before he took you back to Parry Center. I hope you had the best time....

My favorite part of your weekend? I would have to say that it was most likely when you and Carlie were sitting in the pool together. You are such a good brother to want to spend time with her. You two seemed to be having fun.

If I can't keep up as much on this, buddy, just know I started back to work so I am going to be gone most of the day, but as usual, you are never far from my thoughts, dreams and prayers. Dad and I are so proud of you.

To the moon and back buddy.... Mama~

The sore on your forehead is from you trying to hang upside down on the monkey bars at the center. Where oh where did you learn to hang by your toes son?

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Casdok said...

Upside down!! Very impressive!
Lovely to hear that you all had a great weekend.