Friday, July 18, 2008

The next step...

Yesterday we met with Blanca from DD services and also with Danielle, and Tami from New Solutions. We had a telephone conference with Jessie, Felicia and the Doctor from the Perry Center. The meeting went well and I really feel God is leading us to the right people, once again. This last set of trials and tribulations has gone much smoother than we have experienced in the past. (God is hearing my prayers, and I think He saw our cups were full!) So, Blanca will be responsible for finding our son a group home to move into. He is doing so well at the center, but he is doing so well, they are fearful that if he is not moved, he will regress into some older behaviors. None of us want that for him. Taylor also really wants to go. This is a HUGE deal, as Taylor never wants to go. He gets comfortable and change is so difficult for him. He is so proud of his accomplishments, in which he should be. With that in mind, they don't think, nor do we, that he is ready to be thrust into his environment here at home. With Car being young and throwing fits, and his sensory disorder, we think that will be a HUGE trigger for him to regression. He still has more goals he is wanting to reach, and we want somewhere to do this, that he will be safe and happy in.

Gordy is so knowledgeable and just keeps a great outlook on it. We are doing this to help our son. At times I need his strength, as I know, this is what is best for our son. However, I get really scared. I get really nervous. I get really concerned. I get, as silly as this sounds, really jealous and feel helpless. He is my son, I want to be the one helping him. Yet, he will be in a home in a smaller setting, and the caregiver mom will be making his dinners, and getting to see those big brown eyes each day. I try to clear my thoughts of that, yet, in reality it is really hard.

Today is today, and I am going to make today as good as I can, even when these thoughts make it difficult for me. Today is all I can work on. The important thing in all of this is that my son is safe and that he is building life skills to give him a successful life full of happiness. That is where I am at today.

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Didi said...

It IS hard isn't it? I get jealous of Jeffrey's house parents too...but I am also so grateful for them..that they are good people..that they love him and want what is best for him and will help him. Sounds like Taylor is doing SO awesome and you have the right things in the work to keep that progress going forwards.