Thursday, July 17, 2008

Had some busy days!

Tay, it is past 1A, and I can't sleep. Perhaps it is too hot without air conditioning or, maybe I am just missing you an so much that I can't get you off of my mind. Maybe it is a combination of both. Dad and Carlie are both fast asleep and have been for quite a long time. This is when it sometimes is the worst for me. This is when my mind doesn't want to sleep and I just sit and think about how much I miss you.

Last night (Tuesday night) dad took me out to dinner for our anniversary. Amanda watched Carlie for us and it was a very nice time. I had to sit and think for a few moments, and I think out of 8 years of marriage and 3 years of dating, that is only about our 4th time out without you kids. To be honest with you, it was nice. I love your dad so much. Sometimes life just gets so busy we don't have that time to just be Wendy or Gordy, we are either, wife, husband, parent, employee, etc... It was nice to just be sitting across the table from the man that I love. After dinner we picked up the girls and Spence and went out for ice cream at 31 flavors. That was fun too. Carlie is in a purple kick right now, so she got an ice cream that was purple and pink and I thought of you immediately. It was cotton candy ice cream. Wish you would have been there with us.

I had a really bad experience at the grocery store today. I saw a woman screaming and cussing at her child. She was using really big cuss words. I told her to calm down and it escalated from there. The police were called but not before she could leave. However, we did get her license plate. The little girl was probably Carlie's age. It made me sad for her. I just wanted to get home to hug my kids. I got hugs from one of them. I miss your hugs.

Okay, I need to try to get some sleep, but not sure how that will pan out. Just know, we are sleeping under the same stars buddy. To the moon and back! I love you forever. Dad and I are so proud of you.

~Always, Mama


Casdok said...

My son moved into a group home this monday and i too have been having sleepless nights.
Ive also just spent ages looking round your blog with tears and smiles. Your love shines through.
Lovely to meet you and your family.

Lesa said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog regarding my sister. It is a hard time right now. I did have to remove my rant, and issue a public apology, which makes me all the more upset.


Didi said...

Good for you for stepping in...that takes bravery in this day and age you know? You may have saved a life today. It is easy to see where Taylor gets his principles and love from.