Monday, July 14, 2008

A cry baby miss you day! An I am so proud of you kind of day!

I miss you today son! That doesn't change from day to day, however, some days are worse than others.

Tomorrow is our anniversary, and I have been going through my mind, time and time again what a precious and special day that was for our family. It wasn't just about dad and I, but it was about all of us coming together as a unit. Man we lucked out when we found dad didn't we.

My mind jumps from moment to moment of that day. You playing basketball in your tux, sis hating to wear her shoes; all of our family together including both mom and dad's siblings and parents, aunties and uncles. I just keep thinking back to when we had lit the unity candle, and the music was playing. It seemed like forever. We looked over at you and you were just crying. My heart just filled with so much love for you. You were so excited to be getting a great dad. You were such a little man, but this really touched your heart, which in return made dad and I both start crying, and sis, and Kim.

Tomorrow we will celebrate our union together. This is a union of man and wife, but also a union of our unconditional love for our children. Wish you were here for me to give a big hug to. We will be seeing you soon, but until then buddy, to the moon and back. I love you to the moon and back~


Uncle Bernie also wrote today. I shared with him and Uncle Ryan the incident that happened the other day. He was so proud of you son! You are so lucky to have such neat people in your life that support you in your efforts to be the best person you can be. It made me cry reading Uncle Bernie's words. They love you too son.

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