Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hello Tay, my son and forever friend

Amanda and Spence taken by Taylor

Dad and Car taken by Taylor

Hi Tay,

I am just sitting here thinking about some of the changes that are coming up in your life. I want you to know before I go any further, that Dad, Amanda, Carlie and I are so very proud of you! I am so impressed with the strides that you are making and that you are really trying to put some great living skills into your life.

What I want you to know son, that all of us make mistakes. I want you to know that there are times that dad and I see, that you feel unworthy of things. We feel that you think you don't deserve things that we want to bestow upon you, no matter how little those things are. YOU ARE WORTHY.

I am afraid for you. I am happy to hear that they think that you are doing well enough to leave the hospital in the next month or so. However, I get really nervous for you. I know how hard change is for you. I wonder what personalities will be in the assisted living. I wonder if you are going to feel shunned by us because that is where you are going. I worry that you will fall into some old habits unintentionally and your world will start to get more confusing. I guess that is my place though. A mom always has a right to worry and be concerned, as does a dad. That is where we are at.

We are full of HOPE! We are full of gratitude! We are full of excitement. We feel like you are going to get some vocational training to help you have a more fulfilling future. We know that when you find something that you love, you just succeed, so we hope to see you find that passion with help, so you can build a future on that passion. We feel so blessed that you have had Jessie to help you, and all of the staff at the hospital as they have helped you make so much progress. We are excited to have you more near to us, so we can see you more often, so we are hoping you get to move closer to home. You don't know how much my heart misses you. As a parent, we always have to do what is best for your children though, no matter how much it hurts our hearts.

Dad is excited to pick you up tomorrow. He has plans for us to spend a lot of time together and that is always nice. He said maybe you can even help with the tent trailer so you can sleep in it.

Love Mom

Hello again by Neil Diamond

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