Wednesday, July 9, 2008

18 days level 3 according to taylor going for level four

We talked to Taylors therapist last night, and it seems that he is doing really well learning some skills there. He has been on level three for 2 weeks and three days he said. He is trying to achieve level four here. There is only one other person on the unit that has achieved that. The therapist thinks that he is not ready for level four this week, but I think that Taylor can do it. Level four is where he is able to go to the commons on his own or go outside for specific amounts of time on his own. He is going to keep heading in that direction.

This week I think that we are going to head into Portland. Gordy is going to bring him home on Friday night to spend the night. I can't wait to see him. We will then eat breakfast here and pack a lunch most likely and head into Portland for the day for an International Day at a park. I am in the house all the time now, so it is a must that I get out. Our family loves and strives for diversity, so this will be nice to go to.

I am so proud of Taylor and the strides he is taking. The next step would be the assisted living/ group home setting where he will also be going to school and getting some vocational rehab training. That could happen in as soon as a month. We have a meeting next week with his doctors and some people involved in his medical plan. Exciting but also scary all at the same time.

Not a lot up in Taylor's world. He was upset last night that he had jammed his thumb while playing basketball. He doesn't do well when there is a change in his life, so this next move is a little bit scary for me, not knowing how he will react. The therapist is going to be talking to him more and more about the idea he will be living on his own now (to make it easier for him) and that there will be people his age there. Keep us in prayer. We need that!

I liked this song for the fact of the photo I am posting that Taylor took in December. I think that it is a fun feel good song! He loves to go to the water box with Spencer and his friends.

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Didi said...

Wow he is REALLY working hard and coming along isn't he?? I am sure they are working with him to process the feelings and thoughts that all this change brings with it. Sounds like he is in a good place and is well taken care of.