Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dear Tay.... today is the day....

Hi son! Good morning to you! I sit downstairs typing this to you. I think of you often in the mornings when I get up, as it feels so odd knowing you are out of the hospital, but I still am not waking you up for school. Today is a Saturday though, so no school anyhow.

I feel 100% spoiled this week getting to see your face so much! I just love that face!!!

I still miss you sOOOOO very much! It seems so odd that my baby can be almost 18 years old. I just can't imagine time passing that quickly, but it does. That is a lesson I want you to know son, time goes by quickly. Due to this, I want you to learn a lesson about your heart. You have to do things in life that make your heart happy. Things for Taylor only. You are so much like me, in many ways. We always put others needs ahead of our own at times. In balance that is a fantastic thing. However, there can be times that we lose ourselves due to not caring if our own needs are met. Meet your needs, don't sell yourself short Mister!

You know, every night, I sleep with my phone under my pillow, or next to my pillow. That way if you or sis need me, I am always available. Any day, any night... I am here for you... always have been and always will be. I never want you to wonder if you can call... just call.

I am sooo proud of you that you are now a SENIOR in high school. We are going to go get your senior portraits taken here soon so we can get them in the yearbook. I will need to go to the school to buy you an annual also for you to keep. Taylor, you get to graduate. How very exciting for you buddy! I am so proud of you hanging on. I so knew you would get to this point. Dad and I have a lot of faith in you buddy. Just keep going son! Hang on, and when you feel like letting go, tell us, we will help you every step of the way.

I am so glad you like your new school. I think you like it as it is set up somewhat like a college atmosphere. Your teachers and the staff seem much more capable as the other teachers you have had in your past. It made me cry knowing how many people were there to support my son. You are such a special young man, and you are so loved. I know you don't like me speaking up a lot Tay, but, I want to make sure you are aware that I will make sure your needs are met. Your dad will do the same also. Your best interest is what we want.

So, what is today? Today is going to be a kodak moment day. Today is the day that we get to tell you about our upcoming trip to Southern CA. I am so excited to see the look on your face. I am so anxious to see your reaction. Most importantly, I am so excited to spend a lot of days with you, where I can be spoiled by just having fun with you. Universal Studios, Disneyland for two days, and Knott's Berry Farm! How fun will this be? If you only understood how much time, energy and thought that went into this, you would understand how crazy busy we have been.
I have been doing fundraising with sis... but she started putting all of this in motion. Dad has been planning things to a T... you know how dad is when it comes to planning. So... we are almost there buddy.

I am glad you were able to go to dinner with us last night and that you met Derek. He is a pretty nice young man isn't he. He would be a great friend to have son. Your needs are about the same, he is polite and well mannered just like you, and smart. Those are the qualities to look for when looking for a friend. Make great choices buddy.

Okay honey, I must get ready. I need to walk out the door in a half hour. I love you honey... to the moon and back, I love you........

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Casdok said...

Oh i hope you got your Kodak moment. Sounds all so exciting.