Monday, September 22, 2008

Son, our time is so close to going! I am so excited. I so wish that you were living here with me that we could count the days down on a big chart like we did when you were little. That was so much fun! I am sure that you are excited too.

So, what are you most excited for? I know you love Universal Studios, so I think that will be a great day for you and dad. I will most likely opt to sit out with Carlie on most of the things since she is going to not want to be on a lot of those rides or sets. That is all right. It can be a day for the guys. I will be okay with that. I think I HAVE TO go on Jurasic Park ride with you. Remember how you get all wet on that ride. We will need to be sure to get one of those ponchos to escape some of the water. I hope you are going to love the day there. I hope they pull you up on stage this time. You barely escaped it last time.

Second day is our day of rest. I have a great friend that is in the area and thought it would be cool to meet up for lunch with him, but, he is very busy and that will never do. So, it will be a day of just rest. It might be cool to drive to the ocean. I love being at the ocean and hearing the water and the sand between my toes. Just like you. You have always loved the water. You, by far, are my water baby! Although, Carlie is close behind I would have to say. That night is also the night that we will pick up Sis and Spencer at the airport. That will be fun. Maybe we could go to Spaghetti Factory for dinner if they have one in the area, as I know you love Spaghetti Factory.

The following day we will most likely go to Disneyland. I am excited for you to go. My heart keeps smiling each time I think that this is really happening. I know it touched your heart the other night in Red Lobster when you were crying. I had to stop and think, *Does he really understand how much we love him?*. The tears coming down your face, makes me believe that you do feel the love that we have to share with you. I am just so proud of you son. I just wanted to hug you til all the tears quit running, but then I thought.... nah.... tears are good for all of us. It doesn't matter if we are young or old, what color our skin may be, a male or female, or the shape of our body.... tears are good for everyone. Listen to your tears son, as they will teach you so much about yourself, things that you never imagined knowing.

I think that we will go to Knott's Berry Farm on Thursday, according to Dad. It will be fun. I am sure that we will eat dinner there that night. They have the best food. I am so worried about gaining weight on this vacation! I am excited to go on the roller coasters with you. That will be so much fun!!! I am so glad that you are not afraid to go upside down any longer, as those are the very best ones! I just can't wait!!! Are you going to go on the one ride that takes you straight up and then drops you and you fall stories before it lifts you back up again? I think that that one will be so fun. I will go on it with you. I am afraid of heights.... so you may have to hold my hand and you may hear me scream.... but that is what makes it so fun....

The last night we will go back to Disneyland. Dad said that they have a light show or parade that he doesn't want us to miss out on and it stays late on Friday nights. My boss at work said that we should pay Mickey Mouse 20 dollars to beat up Spencer and tape it for you tube. It made me laugh... he was trying to get under Spence's skin.

I am really excited to see Grandma and Grandpa also. I miss them so much as I am sure you do too. They are anxious to see you Taylor. I am sure Grandma will spoil dad, as usual, and the rest of us too, with all of her Japanese cooking. I am anxious to see the cousins play with Carlie and to see Auntie Janice and Uncle Lindley, Geoff, Stacy, Krissy and Raul. I miss Auntie Noreen and Auntie Michelle so that will be nice. I am sure we will see Uncle Michael also.

Okay sweety.... just wanted to touch base to say I love you to the moon and back and I can't wait to spend so much time with you.

I know we will eat at In and Out, like I promised and I already talked to dad about eating at L&L bbq for you also. If you have other places you think of, you better think about it. This is for you buddy. We are so proud of you....

Luvs... Mama!

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