Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hey Tay!

Hey Tay....

I have been up most of the night thinking of you buddy. I am so excited to get you home. Your last day at the Parry Center will be on Friday. I am sure you must be getting so very excited. Just so you know how much I love you son. Everything is going to be okay. No matter what we are going to get through this together. You are such a good young man. I sure have been liking spending time with you when you are at home. I especially like our errands time so we can sit and chat together.

Just hang on... you are almost to your transitional home. I can't wait for you to learn the skills needed so you get to come home here with us. You know this is ALWAYS your home and we ALWAYS will love you.

See you soon buddy. I will be there on Thursday to see you. Hugs buddy.


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