Monday, September 8, 2008

So much for the all you can eat pasta at olive garden

We took the kids out for all you can eat pasta at Olive Garden on Saturday. It is so good. I highly recommend half meat sauce and half garlic alfredo... YUM! Well, Spencer dared Taylor with a bet that he would not be able to eat three bowls of pasta. The bet was if he couldn't do it, Taylor would have to wash his jeep and one of our cars. If Taylor won, he really wanted me to take him to Dairy Queen. I am not sure how I got roped into it as it was not my bet at all.

Taylor started looking haggard during the duration of eating three heaping servings of pasta. At one point he almost threw in the towel.... however, he kept going.... He did it. After that, poor fella felt so stuffed he didn't feel good. We ate an early dinner... so we were sure that he would not want dairy queen until the following day. HECK no... I had to get dressed again at 8:30p to go on a Dairy Queen run for him. I was so ready for bed since I had been up since three a.m.

He still has no idea that we are going on the trip. I am not sure when we will tell him. We can't tell him too far in advance as it is difficult for him, the unknown, and he would be really antsy for the remaining month or so.... We found someone that will be house sitting for us so that will be nice also. Our dog will be able to stay at home and that is nice too.

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