Friday, June 20, 2008

More in depth on my group therapy for Autism

So, not sure what to write more about it. The group actually exists now, of 10 families including mine. That is about as large as it can get due to the space that there is (which is actually large for a home, but some families have more than one person coming, like Amanda and I, and hoping Gordy for the future) so, there is up to 18 people in the living room. The kids go downstairs as the person who started the group runs a daycare out of her home, so it is a perfect setting.

The lady who started it also has a book club that I am going to get Carlie involved with. You read so many minutes a week and you get tokens and you turn them in for prizes, etc. Since Carlie is young, it would obviously be with us reading to her. It is going to be a fun activity to do with her.

The speaker, again is wonderful. I was very impressed. He is a very nice man.

Today we saw Taylor in Portland. It was wonderful to see him. His hair is really short! He told me that he wanted it cut like a family member that we have named Kevin that lives in Hawaii. It made me happy that he wanted to be more like someone that is a role model rather than a child that has no supervision due to their parents being to busy drinking, drugs or just not giving a damn.

We stayed and ate lunch with him also. It was nice. He was antsy to get back to his unit. After we were done eating, we walked him back. We went to his room for a bit. Carlie took him a cat that she had made at daycare with those squiggly eyes that move. He liked that.

We had taken him a Japanese soda with one of those marbles in it, and some of the yogurt drinks also that he loves. I also took him in some Chicken Pasta with onions, peppers, and motz cheese. The sauce on it is a combo of marinara and alfredo. It is one of his favorites. I also took in some rhubarb cobbler left from the potluck last night. He was excited to get home cooked food.

We played in the gym for a bit, and then we took Carlie to the playground. It was nice to watch them play together. She gets so excited each time she sees either of the kids.

It was a good day....

My autism tip of the day is really not a tip, but a book suggestion. Last night I found out that Dr. Suess was bi-polar which also means manic depressive. Mr. Dunn showed us a book that was not published before his death, but after his death. His wife hired an illustrator and put his words into a book. It is called My many colored days. It is a fantastic book, especially, in my opinion, for those kids that are not able to communicate well about their feelings. They can associate their mood or their day with a color that Dr. Suess has put to his famous words that form catchy poems. It is a wonderful book! If you have a child with a disability I strongly recommend it. If you don't, I still strongly recommend it.

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Didi said...

That does sound like a wonderful day!!! Hold onto these...they are treasures!!!