Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Bye Miss Jessie

About an hour ago we found out that our son's therapist is transferring her jobs. She will work for the same company, but at a different facility. I am happy for her, but very sad for my family and most of all our son. She has been a huge asset to our son's treatment at The Parry Center. I think it is going to be difficult for Taylor as she really connected with him. She was in it to win it and she has really done a magnificent job with Taylor.

There seems to be a lack of words when it comes to saying thank you for helping our son. You feel as if you owe the people that care for him so much more than what words offer. No words will measure up to the feelings we have for the people that care for him and help him. This transition has been so much better than past experiences. It is like the lack of words when we have a child and you can write again and again all the reasons that you love that child, but the words don't even touch the tip of the ice burg.

We appreciate you Ms. Jessie. You will never be his mother, obviously, but thanks for being as close to a mom that he had while there in your care. Thanks for caring for my son when I am not able to be there. Thanks for taking an interest in him and his needs. Thanks for advocating for my son. Thanks for wanting the best for Taylor. Thanks for being the wonderful person that you are. I appreciate all you have done for him. Gordy and I feel so much gratitude that God put you in Taylor's life.

Blessings in your future.


Casdok said...

It is sad when good staff move on, and because they are good they tend to.
I hope the next therapist is as good and Taylor accepts them soon.

Words sometimes are not enough when saying goodbye.

Jen said...

We're losing my son's two main workers at his home in the next 2 weeks as they go on to finish their education- although I wish them all the luck in the world, it's heartbreaking. I can never thank them enough for everything that they've done for Dylan.

I hope that Taylor's next therapist is just as great as Miss Jessie.

Didi said...

Jeffrey had his houseparents move on last year and we were all worried he would have a setback...he had come SO far and this couple was SO behind him and with him and it seemed no one could fill their shoes. But this next couple is good too...they don't fill Nat and Brett's shoes but the ones they are wearing are good ones too...just different. We will be praying that Taylor has a smooth transition too.