Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend home with our Taylor. A family affair!

First of all, I apologize as my blogging gets to be less and less with work now at hand. I am glad to be back, but keeping up on this is difficult. Then the weekends are all about Taylor and that is the way we want it.

We had a wonderful weekend with Taylor. There were a couple of rough spots as this was supposed to be a weekend that Taylor would be able to go on a family reunion and it got canceled one week before it was to take place. That is hard for him as he worked so hard to be able to go see his grandparents and cousins, aunts and uncles. So, we had as good of a weekend as we could under the circumstances.

One thing that stuck me by surprise: He was teasing Spencer over the weekend, calling him a mama's boy. All of a sudden, he said "Spencer, it is no big deal, I am a mama's boy too." He wasn't doing it to get my attention as he never even looked at me. He just kept going on in conversation. It has been YEARS since he has given me any indication that that bond was still in place from his point of view. It took me back. It felt REALLY REALLY good. However, in reality, I know, he, just like Carlie, are Daddy's kids. He is just as much in favor of his dad. In fact, I see their bond so much each time I am around them.
As usual, we had a water kid. He went so far as to tell his dad, that "That is what he is all about" when referring to going swimming at the pool. It made us laugh as Gordy relayed the story to me. He loves swimming so much, it is hard to get him out of the water. He had a great time swimming with the whole family.

We also went to the Pride celebration downtown and had a nice time. He grabbed bumper stickers and buttons and pens and anything he could get his hands on. It was also amusing. We saw some of our friends down there also, and that was nice.

We also went to breakfast in Stayton yesterday. Horrible service, but the best company I could ask for. Then Gordy took us out to dinner also where we met Amanda and Spencer. It was a very busy weekend trying our hardest to keep his mind off of the family reunion.

He went back today. Gordy took him back. I sit here now, and I miss him. I never feel totally "full" without him at the house. He told us yesterday that he will always live with us and he wants to live in the garage and convert it into an apartment. He will just have to live in his room, but it is interesting to listen to his perspective on things.

Our son....

To the moon and back buddy, I love you to the moon and back... Mama

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Casdok said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. And knowing that he is a mama's boy!

I know just what you mean about feeling full. My son is coming home this weekend for the first time since he moved, i am sooo excited and i know i will feel whole again even if it is only for a weekend.