Monday, August 4, 2008

I was just thinking about our neighbors....

Tomorrow is a block party in our neighborhood. It is hard for me as this is the first one without Taylor being home for it. He REALLY enjoys the block parties. So, as I sit here and try to figure out what I am going to bring to the party, I started thinking about what a blessing it is to live in the neighborhood that we do. We were very lucky to find such a kind set of neighbors, not really one set in particular but like five or six sets of neighbors.

Taylor loves going out and talking to all the neighbors. Especially when he gets to come home for the weekends. He likes to make his grand entrance to go see them all. It is usually one of the first things he does when he pulls into the driveway. It makes me smile. Even during the darkest times, not one of them gave us stares or dirty looks when Taylor was having his melt downs screaming and swearing at us. A couple of instances really touch my heart with the neighbors. One night Tay had run away from us. He ended up being in the street late at night and was smashing rocks to get his frustrations out. One of our neighbors, Don, came out to just talk to Taylor. He and Taylor have this connection and he listens to Don. The police were called as Taylor's behavior had them worried (can't blame them). The police was very rude to my husband and it was a mess. The police don't know what they are talking about when it comes to autism, that is just the long and short of it. So, there was Don, trying to pick up the pieces with us. I was so impressed. Taylor also loves the other men in the neighborhood, Lee, Trent and last but certainly not least, Joe. Joe's wife is the other one that has a lasting memory in my mind. On one of the first *all night* runaways, we had the police over yet again, making out a report. It was so awful. Your stomach just hurts when all of this is going on. Anyhow, we had police in our back yard looking for Tay with lights and it was just horrifying that at that moment, that was our life. How did our life get like that? Thoughts just kept racing through my head. We were checking out under the deck in the back and our neighbor, Mavis came out and asked if we were okay. I told her Taylor had run. I felt so awkward saying it, but there it was, out on the table. It was like an open wound for all to see. I expected her to go inside, yet there she stood in her house coat, calling Taylor's name. You know your heart, when you are ready to cry, how it all starts feeling warm, and you can't control it, that is what I felt. More recently, after Taylor had already left for the Parry Center, we had a garage sale. Don's wife Bonnie came over and not only did she buy things from us, but she also gave us a donation to help Taylor get to Disneyland. Lee across the street, he took Taylor to school each morning, even after his son stopped riding with them and started riding the bus. His wife Elizabeth has come over umpteen times to cheer me when all seems hopeless for that moment. I also remember going to Trent and Carrie's house across the street one night in deep desperation for help. Carry works with kids that are autistic, but more kids that are non verbal. I needed resources. She did so much leg work and came to my home a couple of days later with a list of contacts.

We are very blessed to live in the neighborhood we do live in. We live with people that really care about each other and lift each other when they are in need. I am so lucky that they are in our lives.

I still don't know what to take tomorrow.

To the moon and back buddy, I love you to the moon and back... mama


Casdok said...

You are indeed fortunate to have such wonderful neighbours. I hope the party goes really well, a pity that Taylor wont be home for it.
C has also run off a few time, but never over night, i cant even begin to imagaine what that must be like.
Hugs to you.

Didi said...

That is just wonderful.....that's how neighborhoods and hometowns SHOULD be. I am sure everyone at the block party will miss Taylor being there also.
Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Its nice not being 'alone' ya know?