Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tay, the countdown is on Buddy

Tay, just up writing to an old friend, and I started to go lay down. I remembered that I had talked to Jessie today. You are super lucky you have such cool people that work with you Mister! Anyhow, we talked about this blog that sis and I have for you.

You know, I know that there are issues of you feeling not connected to your family when you are there. I get that! I can totally see your point. I don't like feeling disconnected either. So, with that being said, I told Jessie about your blog, so that when you have sessions with her, you can totally see that we write something EACH and EVERY DAY! You are never far from my mind buddy! More importantly, you are so much a part of my heart. I miss you so much every day. I miss your smile.

Remember, today, forever, to the moon and back!

If you ever feel lonely and Jessie is available, you can go ahead and read my journaling. The reading is great for you and then you can see the photos and see your sisters that are crazy about you.

I love you son, but I am so tired right now. I will close this. Remember no matter where we are, ever, we will always walk under the same moon and the same sun. We will always be connected by the heart.

I also talked to Aunt Cackie tonight. She says hi. Did I forget to tell you that her baby is going to be a GIRL! Girl, boy, girl, just like us.

Night. If you need me, call me! If not, I will talk to you tomorrow night.

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