Friday, August 15, 2008

Home for the weekend

Tay is home for the weekend. I have not seen him yet, as I was over visiting a very sick friend at her home. The boys were supposed to call me when they got home. When I hadn't heard from them, I got a bit nervous and called home. I woke my husband and he said Tay had fallen asleep also. I have not seen him to this point. Gordy said that his face is pretty banged up as well as some big scrapes on his knees and legs. That makes me pretty nervous to see him tomorrow. I hate to see my kids hurt. I am very nervous to see him. I just need to stay calm and not react. That is very difficult for me at times.

Taylor will be going to a transitional home soon. I have such mixed emotions about it to be honest. I am excited for him as he really wants to get out of the Perry Center, but they know that he is not ready to come home yet. I am really excited that he will be in our town which is closer for us and we will be able to see him more readily. That will be so wonderful. I am nervous that he is familiar with the area and will be more apt to start running away again. I have high hopes and expectations for him, but I am still very nervous and scared.

We have heard wonderful things about the home that he will be living in. That makes me happy. I also feel bad, that he will have someone that will be acting as a mother figure. I want that to be my job. I know it sounds so selfish, but, he is my son. I love him.... it is hard. Keep him in prayer please!

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Casdok said...

Oh it is so hard isnt it. Your not being selfish at all.

Im glad Tay is home for the weekend, hopefully you will beable to stay calm for him.

Great that you have heard wonderful things about the new home. That does make a difference.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.