Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today I took Tay back...

The drive to the center was a nice ride. Tay was talkative and it made time go by quickly. I love when he is talkative as that is not often.

Some things I am writing about as I don't want to forget. It was interesting to listen to him talk about how he wanted to *mac* our car out. He was saying he wanted to get it painted when he gets a job, and get detailing on it and rims, such as spinners...???? It was just something that caught my attention as we drive a camry... not a car you would see that with. But that is what he wants. The really interesting thing about it is, he keeps talking about getting a job to do so.

Another thing that was interesting to hear him talk about. He said he would love to get an old time school bus (his words, not mine) and convert it to have a bed in it, or a couple of beds. He would like to travel the whole U.S. in the bus with friends. He stated that everyone could pitch in. Again, not thinking that people would have to work to afford to pitch in and it just isn't a reality. It is fun to listen to him talk about his ideas though.

His therapist called me and asked me to send some toys back with him. He is sleeping a lot there which is most likely a sign of depression creeping back in, but they also recently changed some meds... so who knows which. He is bored with his current toys. So as I was driving he pulled out his toys he brought. He packed about 60 match box cars, and three transformers. He was so very excited about it. He was pulling each car out and telling me about it.

I just didn't want to ever forget todays conversations, so wanted to log it. Also, he called Kev to wish him a happy birthday. He didn't get through so he was disappointed. He said he would call him later this week.

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